The Vicus Approach

Vicus is employing immunotherapy to selectively target signaling pathways that lead to tumor-promoting inflammation and tumor evasion of the immune system. Inflammation and evasion of immune destruction are now considered Hallmarks of Cancer and drive the initiation and progression of cancer and limit the clinical benefit of chemo and targeted therapies.

Vicus combines drugs to selectively target signaling pathways in the tumor microenvironment and the tumor-induced systemic environment that lead to cancer progression and limit the clinical benefit of approved anti-cancer therapies. Two such pathways are prostaglandin and beta-adrenergic signaling pathways, both of which potentiate inflammation,immune tolerization and treatment-related side effects.  Vicus’ lead drug product, VT-11CR, is a chrono-modulated formation of etodolac and propranolol. VT-11CR’s multi-pathway mode-of-action is designed to synergistically damp tumor-promoting inflammation, restore immune surveillance and improve treatment tolerance.

Vicus uses a Precision Medicine approach to tailor VT-11CR to the Right Patients with the Right Drugs at the Right Doses and at the Right Times. Vicus customizes VT-11CR therapy for each special patient population that receives a specific proven therapy.