Vicus Overview

We are an immuno-oncology company bringing breakthrough immunotherapies to patients with solid-tumor cancers.

Vicus’ lead drug product, VT-11CR, is the first multi-pathway neuro-immune modulator for the treatment of cancer. VT-11CR is a chrono-formulation of etodolac and propranolol that inhibits beta adrenergic receptors 1-2, COX-2 enzyme & TRPA1 channel and the MAPK, PI3K, PKA, STAT3 & nociception signaling cascades.   VT-11CR’s multi-pathway mode-of-action is designed to synergistically damp tumor-promoting inflammation, restore immune surveillance and improve treatment tolerance.

VT-11CR’s unique chrono-pharmacodynamic properties, along with the well-established safety profiles of its component drugs, maximize the potential to safely and significantly extend survival of  patients with difficult to treat cancers.