Our passion is bringing breakthrough immunotherapies to patients with cancer.

John W. Maki, President and CEO
Previously, Managing Director, Technology Directors, Inc.; Managing Director, Audax Group; Principal, Bain Capital; Consultant, Bain & Company; A.B., Harvard University. Mr. Maki currently serves on the boards of 3DM, a wound healing device company and Vicus Therapeutics. Mr. Maki also serves on the Board of Trustees of BIO NJ.

John J. O’Malley, Executive Vice President Finance
Previously, Managing Director, Technology Directors Inc.; Managing Director, Audax Group; Executive Vice President, Bain Capital, President and CEO, Robertson-Ceco; Manager, Bain & Company; U.S. Army Armor Officer; MBA, Wharton School; A.B., Middlebury College.

Nirupa Bareja, Director India (consultant).
Previously, worked in various capacities at Biocon, Ltd; including Group Head, HR, Group Head and Senior Manger, Manufacturing, Senior Manger and Head Quality and Regulatory systems; Ph.D., Bangalore University.


Newell F. Bascomb, PhD –
Partner, Technology Directors, Inc., VP Business Development, Sunol Molecular Corporation; President, CEO and Founder, Xios Biosciences; President and Co-Founder, Icon Genetics; Director, Wyeth; Manager, EniChem Americas; Research Scientist, E.I. DuPont de Nemours; B.S., Juniata College; M.S., Virginia Tech; Ph.D., University of Florida.

Navaneetha Rao, ScD – Advisor, India and Emerging Regions; Formerly, Vice President Clinical Research and Development, Vicus Therapeutics; Asst. Vice President, Reliance Life Sciences and Head of Reliance Clinical Research Services (India); Associate Director, Cato Research; BS, National Dairy Institute, Karnal; MS, Virginia Tech; ScD, Harvard University.

Fredric S. Young, PhS
Previously, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder, Chroma Group; President, Young Consulting; Research Scientist, Genentech; Research Fellow, NIH, B.S., Penn State; Ph.D., University of Michigan.